Your nights and days will be filled with fun and excitement as I encourage you to take your vices to the next level. Your dreams of being Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas are almost complete.  However, you are going to have more fun, more excitement as I control yet encourage your fun and way...a totally different experience. Your submission and acceptance are all that are required...

You may email me, at I respond usually same day however 24 HOURS is required before our time together.  Seperately, if you wish to show sincerity you may call on my pay line as this is the way I can be assured of your total commitment and financial ability. This shows you have a credit card, debit card, a phone and the ability to actually follow through with an appointment. I have heard many excuses, but if you are an excuse maker be warned I will not reply, if you are sincere and have some make believe reason you can't call email me.
Time wasters email - Sincere slaves call
Again Time wasters email, sincere gentlemen call. It's that simple and that's for certain. So call now the first 3 minutes are free.
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I am a lifestyle Dominatrix you must know what that is if you are sincere and contacting me. As a lifestyle Dominatrix, there is no offering of anything other than escorting and encouraging your vices and addictions for my enjoyment. 21 or older only!
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